Welcome to Design State of Mind!

For a first post, I thought it made sense to let you know a bit about me.. so here is my first list of favorite design elements!  Enjoy

 Favorite individual piece –The 54” Braziliance Commode is a two drawer cabinet designed by Dorothy Draper, one of the most iconic interior designers of the 20th century. Originally created in 1939 for the Quitandinha Resort inSao Paulo,Brazil, the styling captures the South American craze that swept theUSA in the 30s and 40s.  With classic oversized acanthus leaves, carved serpentine moldings and a shell carving in the center, it exudes class and sophistication.  Approximately $7000 through your design professional.

 Favorite color – No doubt about it, there is nothing that can beat basic black.  This one color goes with every design style and brings out the best in any fabric or finish.  Use it in high gloss for the dining room with a funky crystal chandelier, in a soft gray tinted black for that sexy, sophisticated bedroom or upholster a slick mid century chair in plush black velvet.  This is the hottest in color for an all around perfect accent in your home.

 Favorite fabric – After more than a  few years of earth tones, I’m seeing the re-emergence of stripes, plaids and paisleys in vivid colors.  And not a moment too soon.  Mixing a bright , fun palette in unusual combinations, these patterns are bringing life and excitement back to interior design.  Whether it’s a sign of our improved emotional state after the last couple of tough years, or just imagination gone wild, it’s great to see their return.  Use these colorful, fresh fabrics everywhere, from dining room chairs, to throw pillows or even wallpaper your powder room for that wow factor.

  Favorite new look – Although the avocado green appliances of my childhood still haunt me to this day, I’m crazy about the new color options being shown on washers and dryers.  Bright reds, navy blues and soft grays allow us to bring the utilitarian laundry room into the new century.  Just like flat screens have taken the television out of armoires and cabinets and put them on display, now you can be proud to show even this room to your friends and not have to hide it behind bi-fold doors.  Now when friends tour your home, you won’t have to stand in front of the door and say “oh that’s just the laundry room”.

 Favorite comeback look – Michael Taylor single handedly turned the design community on its ear in the late 1970s and 80s with his organic, beachy southernCalifornialook.  Michael died of AIDS in 1987 but his signature style is back with a bang, starting with his famous basketball shaped sofa pillows. No other style from that era is more au courant than theTayloraesthetic: interiors of textural fabrics, sexy curves and casual comfort.  Other designers, such as Donghia that were big in the late 70s and 80s are also experiencing a resurgence of interest.

 Favorite design era – The 1930’s have always fascinated me.  It was a time of incredible wealth as well as a time of belt tightening.  Simple living was balanced with opulent design.  People gravitated to the movies to escape, and the movie sets were over the top.  You cannot watch a Busby Berkeley musical without being amazed at the creativity and fantasy.  The extensive look of metallics, glass and mirrors into the home brought a new brilliance into design.  Throw into the mix the most creative time of Frank Lloyd Wright, Corbusier and The Bauhaus.  What more could you ask for?

 Favorite place for inspiration –PARIS.  What more can you say?  Not only does the city of lights spark romance, it’s also the catalyst for design inspiration.  The history, the architecture, the furniture shops and the famous flea markets all add up to the best place in the world to feel creative.  Only the French can make design look so effortless.  Whether you purchase a trinket or bring home a container of French antiques, anyone can feel special with a bit ofParisin their homes.  There are numerous, beautiful coffee table books on French style.  Check them out.

 Embrace the things that are your personal favorites.  Make your home fun, the place you love to come home to and most of all your inspiratio.  Take the time to explore and learn the new concepts, ideas and trends.  You’ll be glad you did.