Here it is, the last day of 2013.  Like every year, it’s over much too fast and so much happened in interior design… so many new thoughts, ideas, concepts and creative ideas.  I can only imagine what the new year will bring… and excited to see where the industry goes and what imaginative and fun rooms we’ll see in 2014.

Here are 3 trends I predict will be big in the new year!

Warmth make a triumphant return: For the past few years we’ve seen Mid Century colors make a huge splash… the lime greens, oranges and bright blues have become ubiquitous.  I hope to see less of these cool colors and warm, homey hues make a comeback.  Look for browns, tans, and khaki to be used in rooms and on walls inside and out.

Getting lost in big upholstery: Big, soft and enveloping furniture will be everywhere.  Sofas that are deep and over stuffed will help us forget the world outside and the stress of life.  We’ll want to sink in and be lost in comfort and tactile fabrics.

Escaping the tech world:  In 2014, there will be a backlash against a TV and internet in every room.  We will find that we need a place to decompress and escape, and there will be a big push for rooms that are tech free… quiet and peaceful.  I’d like to see libraries and rooms for reading and meditation becoming the must have in every home.

Happy New Year in your own space!