Recently I was asked by a client to help with a bathroom remodel they badly needed. We were unable to enlarge the space due to adjoining rooms, but she wanted to know – “How can I make a small space look bigger than it is?

Bathrooms can be tricky because there is rarely much continuous, uninterrupted space. Mirrors, shower doors, tub and tile surround can all make the room seem cut up. A good solution to this is to use big tiles, 18″ or more, if possible. Keep the grout lines to a minimum and match your grout to your tile for a more cohesive look. Laying tile subway style elongates a room while big squares are currently a trending look. Be careful with mixing patterns. If you like granite counter tops, use a simpler floor tile. I’ve never been a fan of the vessel sink, the ones that sit on top of the vanity. They add another dimension that is just not needed. Use simple, wide porcelain under mount sinks instead, for a classic, lean look.  And always use frameless shower doors. Another easy and effective change, it will modernize your room like nothing else.

Color is important… gaudy colors are not helpful when you first wake up in the morning! Paint your bath a soothing color like ochre, cream or anything organic in base.

Store anything and everything you can away. Cut out niches in the walls make use of even the littlest available space. Stow toiletries away when not in use.  Open shelving lets light through. Remember, clutter is the enemy here.