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Life today is like a roller coaster – full of ups and downs and periods of suspense. Our home, then, more than ever before, should serve as our shelter, a safe refuge from the alarms of an uncertain world. That’s something we all know. But there is much more than that…

The pleasant background you have created is only half the job. Have you created something that reflects your taste and personality and that contributes to your happiness? Oddly enough, happiness and graciousness in home life can be achieved only through constant daily effort. Your measure of success will depend on your degree of civilization. Only the house that is planned in advance and designed soundly, step by step with an eye to a perfect balance will turn out successfully. But the house you decorate will be a dead thing, unless it is a house where people LIVE!  Activity is an essential part of an attractive house.

I have gone into houses that make me want to turn and run. These are the homes that are thought of only as a place to eat and sleep or a house that has been decorated for pure display. Your home should mean something to you. It’s a basic instinct. A home with a life that centers on food and sleep is not really a home, it’s a house. Beauty and graciousness, joy of living, being used in every part, these are the things that make a house a home. A house, like a dog, must be loved before it will show the best side of it’s nature.

Don’t fall for believing a great decor is one derived straight from a catalog or a picture online. Don’t feel that you have to follow rules or keep to the vignette you see at the furniture store.  Give your home your own spin, your uniqueness. Your home is not just a house.. it’s who you are and should say so. The most comfortable homes are the ones that look lived in, that feel as familiar as an old blanket. A guest should be able to walk in and know this is your home, this is your life, this is your family!ImageImage

The two rooms above look to me like homes that are beautiful and well designed, yet show the owners personality and vitality. They are cozy, yet warm; colorful yet peaceful. Find the things in life that make you happy and incorporate them into your living, into your home. Have fun!