Remember this song? “Summer time … and the livin’ is easy.” I always loved the slow swaying movement of that song. It fit the weather – hot, humid and heavy with the smells of summer: BBQ, tanning lotion, bug spray and campfires.

Growing up in the Midwest, summer was brief and we had to make the most of it. Boating on the lake, camping on the beach, laying out under the stars, hoping to catch a tan before school started up. It was a happier time, not because it was the “good old days” but because when you are young without much worry or stress, life is just simpler.

And that’s what’s so awesome about this time of year. We get outside, we enjoy the sunshine, the friendship, the laughs. We roast s’mores. We jump off docks into freezing lakes. We rock on the front porch. Our stress levels drop and for a brief time our life is simple again.

Here are just a few design ideas to incorporate into your home this season.. Take time to make your livin’ easy and embrace life outdoors!


Adirondack chairs are an American classic and fit into any outdoor decor. I love these green painted ones. They are inviting down a flagstone walkway to the fire pit. Place them in the middle of the  garden or the end of the dock or just simply out on the lawn.


Make your outdoor dining fun and easy. Poolside … this inventive swing up window is great for a walk up bar. By day, it’s ice cream and lemonade, at night, it’s cocktails and finger food. 


Modern, simple and elegant – a glass of wine, string lights and a hot August night. What more could you want? Candles set the mood for romance or just star-gazing. As the evenings cool, grab a blanket and stay out til dawn!


Have a boring patio or porch? Colorful container pots let you make your own statement. Group assorted sizes for a real designer look. Great for small spaces, apartment living or celebrating a summer holiday.