We need to furnish our first home, but have a limited budget. Any advice?

Everyone has a budget and these days it’s more important than ever to stick to it. The rule to remember here is: you get what you pay for! Don’t be lured into buying “packaged” rooms, where lower end furniture stores put together a sofa/chairs/end tables/ lamps grouping for one flat price. A well designed room is made up of diverse elements and takes time to create properly. Invest in a few good, well made pieces and they will last for years. Add as your budget allows. I’ve always believed it’s better to have one classic, timeless sofa alone in a room, than a space filled with furniture that won’t last, just to fill the emptiness.

If you are starting out, you will need the basics, of course, but choose well. Trends are fun to follow, but be careful you don’t make a big ticket purchase that will look dated quickly. Talk to a designer and educate yourself about furniture construction, fabrics and styles. Explore every options: flea markets, consignment stores, showroom closeouts, even garage sales. You may find that hidden treasure that everyone else has passed by.

If you plan to move in a few years, think about what will travel with you and be usable in new rooms or configurations. Above all, enjoy the process, love what you buy and have fun with it!

Here a few good basic pieces to start you out:


A tight back, single cushion roll arm sofa is a great beginning that will always be a classic style and grow with your family.

coffee table

Washed wood coffee tables with smaller pull out tables really come in handy in a small space. Use them in so many ways yet keep them together. Clean and modern, you can’t go wrong with this combination!


Another classic design that can work in so many styles. Tufted upholstered beds add style to any room – it’s all about the linens you use to make it formal or casual!