Our friends at InteriorsOnline have come up with their prediction of the 5 big trends you’ll see in 2019.  What do you think, did they nail it or do you have other ideas that will have a  huge influence on our style and design in the new year?
This metallic finish has had a revamp and it is predicted that it is going to come at us in a major way in 2019. With finishes covering gold patinas, black gold and bright golds being paired with raw natural finishes and high-end appliances, gold has never looked so good!
Nothing creates a sense of drama better than black. Expect to see bold, high-contrast designs all over your Instagram feeds in 2019, as matt black moves from fashion and beauty into housewares and interiors. Lighting, seating, home decor objects and chairs are all key pieces you can introduce to reference the trend. This one is likely to be with us for a long time, as well as a good time.
black deco room
In one form or another. Reflecting the need for a calm, cozy retreat and an overall focus on well being led to Hygge being a major trend over the past few years. And although there have been predictions for the emergence of new trends based on ideas around moderation, wellness and coziness, such as Cosagach (Scotland) and Lagom (Sweden), nothing has been able to halt the gentle onward march on Hygge. At this stage, it looks here to stay, in one for or another in 2019.
With Mid Century Modern well and truly entrenched in our interiors loving hearts, the hunt is on for the next big thing. Increasingly, people who know about these things think Art Deco has spent enough time waiting in the wings and will step out to take center stage in 2019. As one of the most inspiring, opulent and glamorous periods in design history, hints of Art Deco are popping up in detailing on tables, chairs and lighting. The mixed metal trend also gives a nod to the style. And lets face it, we all love a touch of glamour, don’t we?
Across homes, sustainable and natural fabrics are going to be a key trend that will hit the mainstream in 2019. Look for it in upholstered furniture, throws, cushions and tapestries, which are are also getting some attention as a potential micro-trend to keep an eye on. The movement towards natural fabrics speaks to the broader conversations across design right now that is all about embracing a peaceful retreat from crazy, modern life. The good news is the embrace of natural textiles will work across so many styles and looks, from Boho, to Modern to Rustic and just about every other style in between.
natural fabrics
The new year should usher in many exciting new ideas and influences to our homes and interior design! So, whether you want to follow trends or go rogue – have fun, be creative and forward thinking.