From the very beginning, before we began to put thought into our living spaces, we had art. Early humans drew on cave walls the story of their lives. At that time, we were probably still sleeping on the ground and eating hunched over a fire. 

Early Cave Art

Art and the human reaction to it is at the core of who we are and has always helped us to express ourselves and possibly leave a part of ourselves for others to enjoy and contemplate. Early on and in every culture on Earth – it has been our fascination and love of art that has told our story and allowed us to express our creativity.

I think the “art” of design came much later and from a much different place. Man needed a place to eat, a place to sit, a place to sleep. As we moved from caves to shelter of our own making, the need arose to express oneself, and family and community grew. Along with outside elements like weather conditions, mobility of a nomadic life and increased learning and mixing of different races of people, our homes became an extension of who we were, a way of showing others what was ours and what was important to us.

As culture developed, art and design interlocked fingers. Innovation of materials grew and changed what we could do. Maybe an early bed was straw on the ground, then straw sewn into a bag for easy moving about. Hand tools led to creating household objects and weaving fabrics, which in turn became interior design.

Modern Wall Art

Modern man is still ruled by the instinct to be creative, expressive and the need to adorn their spaces, to enjoy art and feel comfortable in their environment.

Personal expression in art and our environment is essential. We still feel the same way about art as the first cave artist did and we now connect that to having a comfortable home.  Art and design live not only side by side but connected as one.

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