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The holidays are nearly upon us. As we pull old decorations from storage, it’s a good time to explore the latest design trends to liven up your home and entertaining this year!

3 creative ideas to make this holiday unlike any before:

Tweak your Christmas colors: We all know red and green as the colors of the season. This year explore the whole palette available to you.  Silver and white are very hot this season and always a sharp and sophisticated element to transition into New Years Eve.  Introduce a chocolate color into your holiday décor.  Not only does it add warmth and modernism to the room, it brings that organic feeling inside.  Keep to tones that suggest a culinary experience, like latte, cocoa or cinnamon.  Have fun experimenting with ornaments in stripes, polka dots or abstract designs.

Twist your tree: We all like to unwrap the ornaments and discovering the one that’s been in the family for generations, brought home from vacation or made in grade school.  This year, do something completely unexpected.  Decorate your tree in only one color or with just blue lights.  I’ve seen trees hung from the ceiling upside down, completely covered in high heels or with dog toys. Metallics are a huge trend this season. Revive the pink aluminum tree from the ’60s!  Consider purchasing a live tree in a pot and plant it outside after the holidays.  It’s renewable and enjoyable year around!

Party like it’s 2023: The key word this season is innovation.  Mix things up and keep the energy high.  Throw a costume party and invite guests to come as their favorite holiday character.  Decorate the house in a fiesta theme but make it black tie.  Ask friends and family to bring the tackiest ornament they can find and have a prize for the most outlandish!  Mix and match your dishes and glasses or add tropical prints to the holiday décor.  Put palm fronds in a vase with pine cones and ban poinsettias from the property.

Christmas hat and coconut cocktail.

Whatever you do, have fun!  Enjoy the love & laughter of friends and family and happy holidays to all.