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I’ve written before about red and white as colors in your home. Red at Christmas and white in a blog on how to brighten up winter. For Valentine’s Day, I’m adding pink to red and white … so we now have the three colors of this holiday and how they enhance the feelings of love and romance to our space.

RED – When we think of red, we think of bold feelings. Red is the color of passion and action. It can be maddening, angry and crazy… the term “seeing red” means we are really not in our right mind! That’s why it’s a great color for the holiday. Young love, first love, sexual love; when we feel those thoughts we have red on the brain.  On the other hand, when love is in trouble, red pops up again…  blood lust, jealousy and hate are all red related colors. It’s great to use for dramatic effect in a dining room, powder room or bedroom.  Here are my favorite names of paint colors in the red family taken from Benjamin Moore Paints: Drop Dead Gorgeous. My Valentine. Red Lipstick.  If that doesn’t get your heart beating, what does?

PINK – Ahh, pink, the color of blushing, of sunsets, of innocence. Pink is often overlooked as too sappy, to feminine or too pretty to use in a room. But there are many great shades of this color that work in surprising ways. Try adding pink to your palette and to your accents, especially in plaids and stripes. It’s bright, cheerful and so easy to mix with other colors like blues, browns and black. Here are three awesome pinks from the Benjamin Moore collection:  Unspoken Love. Engagement. Sailors Delight. From a hint of blush to fuchsia, painting a room pink just makes a statement!

WHITE – I guess for most people, there is just plain white. We can easily miss out on all the subtle aspects this color can bring to our world. A harsh white can be glaring and cold. If it’s too soft it can be lost or too tinted with beige can look tired and old. But used properly, white is by far the most interesting color for Valentine’s Day. What says more than a dozen white roses? Perfectly nclassic, white is a statement of timeless love. White is for weddings, for that clean minimal look, for celebrating summer. I love an all white room, like an Art Deco movie set: white piano, white carpet, white lacquer tables! How about these from the Benjamin Moore spectrum? White Down. Alabaster. Milky Way.

Add red, pink and white to your home and celebrate your Valentine’s Day colors, whether you are a couple, single or just a fool for love!